MSNBC’s Deutsch Blows Up at GOP Rep. After Heated Gun Debate: ‘You Know What We Need to Do!’

MSNBC’s Donny Deutsch blew up at Rep. Steve Stivers on Morning Joe Friday, after the Ohio Republican defended assault-style weapons like the AR-15 in a heated debate.

Deutsch kicked off the discussion by asking Stivers if he has children (he has two), before addressing him dad-to-dad:

“You can’t believe as a dad,” Deutsch said, “that assault weapons, that military attack weapons, belong in our stores, belong available to massacre children.”

The Parkland, Florida shooter, who killed 17 at his former high school last month, used an AR-15 to carry out the massacre.

“You can’t believe that that’s right, that these weapons could be available that could kill our children,” Deutsch said. “Would you actually talk to me as a dad?”

Stivers responded to the emotive line of questioning that while he’s “for some issues on guns,” he noted that he has been in the military for 34 years, pointing out that “an AR-15 is nothing like an M16 or an M4.”

“If somebody can go in and kill 50 people with one sweep!” Deutsch replied. “I’m not talking about logistics of a gun, we all have children!”

Stivers pointed out that he supports the banning of bump stocks, devices that allow semi-automatic weapons to achieve near-automatic fire, as well as measures to address mental health issues and bullying in America.

MSNBC host Joe Scarborough went on to debate Stivers over the lethality of AR-15 rifles, claiming studies show they are more powerful than the weapons used in Vietnam.

Stivers contested that while the AR-15 bears a “cosmetic resemblance” to weapons of war, it is not nearly as lethal — before calling for a “holistic approach” to dealing with gun legislation.

After Willie Geist pointed out that Stivers is “having a semantic argument about the cosmetics of a gun, and it was enough to kill 17 high school kids,” Stivers reiterated his call for “action” — before Deutsch erupted.

“We have to get rid of the assault weapons!” Deutsch shouted at Stivers. “You know what we need to do!”

After the outburst, Scarborough stepped in to calm things down, thanking the congressman for appearing on the show.

Watch above, via MSNBC.

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