MSNBC’s Elise Jordan Chokes, Then Cries With Laughter Over Idea of Trump Meeting With Mueller

An MSNBC panel, led by Nicole Wallace, discussed the idea that President Donald Trump may be forced to sit with Special Counsel Robert Mueller and deliver answers while under oath, a prospect that amused the anchor and her guests.

Perhaps nobody enjoyed the idea of Trump being forced to tell the truth, and nothing but the truth, more than Elise Jordan, who quite literally choked up with laughter at the thought of the president having to admit to his many fabrications.

“She can’t even speak,” Wallace exclaimed. “We’re gonna let you catch your breath.”

As Jordan composed herself, Rick Stengel suggested that Mueller may be forced to accept written answers from Trump and his legal team, in lieu of an actual face-to-face meeting.

“He wouldn’t want to but it’s a constitutional issue,” he said. “Trump can say ‘I’m not gonna answer these questions.’ That is perfectly within his purview.”

Jordan was finally able to chime in on the matter.

“I’m sorry. It made me laugh so hard,” she said. “The idea of Donald Trump giving honest testimony and not bringing himself into an even greater world of hurt––also the idea that Donald Trump could just take the fifth and he’d be ok with that. He sees himself as completely able to go and win over the room in any situation.”

Stengel added, “He is absolutely incapable of stating a fact.”

Watch above, via MSNBC.

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