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Former Bush Aide Elise Jordan Says Trump Should Be Taken to Walter Reed Over Racist Comments

Former George Bush aide and MSNBC contributor Elise Jordan told Joe Scarborough he was being “too charitable” in thinking that President Donald Trump has a strategy; he’s just racist.

Scarborough had wondered aloud on MSNBC’s Morning Joe Monday why Trump thought being a bigot and racist would help him get elected in 2020.

Jordan said that crazy things keep coming out of Trump’s mouth, “and you wonder why someone isn’t just taking him to Walter Reed for a full medical because it doesn’t all seem to be flowing that well, and I think it’s why he’s going back to his greatest original trick, being racist.”

Jordan said he’s been racist his entire career, from when he called for five innocent men to be executed (“Central Park Five”), to wanting to ban an entire religion from entering the country.

Scarborough recalled a time in 2017 when he pointed out to Trump that Putin kills journalists that don’t agree with him. Trump defended Putin by saying, “Yeah, well, we kill a lot of people too.”

“So please, Stephen Miller, please, Donald, Donald, you’re making a fool of yourself again. This is going to end very badly for you,” Scarborough said.

Scarborough said he was already tired of the Op-Eds he would have to read after Trump loses in a landslide, saying how this was due to happen because his bigotry only appeals to one-third of the electorate. “This is the politics of subtraction. There is no way this leads to victory. This gets women, suburban voters, educated voters. Of course people of color, it gets them fired up in a way that they’ll go out to vote, whereas this depresses a lot of support for Donald Trump,” Scarborough said.

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