Scarborough: ‘Can’t Help But Feel For’ Nunberg Who Has Been ‘Completely Abandoned’ By Trump


As the dust settled after Sam Nunberg’s Monday media blitz — in which the former Trump aide appeared on countless cable news shows to talk about the Russia probe — Morning Joe speculated that his unhinged appearances were the result of him caving from the pressure of the investigation.

Nunberg, who was fired from President Donald Trump’s campaign in 2015, repeatedly bemoaned his legal fees associated with the investigation on Monday, blaming his “idiot” former boss for triggering the probe into his ties to Russia.

MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough said “you can’t help but feel for these people” who are not only in legal trouble, but are also mired in legal fees, while Trump will still “be a billionaire when this is all over.”

“I was feeling sorry for that kid,” Scarborough added. “He could be facing bankruptcy, he’s facing the most effective prosecutor of our time, and he’s been completely abandoned by the guy who he basically laid down for.”

MSNBC’s Willie Geist then remarked on the “parade of people who left the White House,” before asking who would want a job in the Trump administration now, knowing the legal troubles that roil its officials.

“Why would you enter the White House if you knew someday you might have to sell your house? Or pull your kids out of school, or whatever it costs to pay off legal bills.”

“That’s not an insignificant part of this conversation,” Geist added. “Who will populate our government? Who will our leaders be when they’re watching this mess go on in front of them?”

Scarborough noted that back when the administration was seeking a chief of staff, he spoke to a number of candidates who said they simply could not afford the expected legal fees.

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