MSNBC’s Hardball Picks the ‘Biggest Suck-Up to Trump’ of 2018


Chris MatthewsHardball panel had a laugh on Christmas Eve as they tried to decide which Republican was President Trump‘s “biggest suck-up” of 2018.

The MSNBC host had three (dis)honorable nominees: Governor-elect Ron DeSantis (R-FL), Fox News host Sean Hannity, and the 18 Republican congresspeople who said Trump should win the Nobel Peace Prize because of his summit with Kim Jong Un. Matthews giggled as he called it a “difficult” choice, though Washington Post columnist Dana Milbank started things off by ripping DeSantis over the campaign ad where he taught his children to build a wall and embrace Trump’s rhetoric.

“You think of the therapy bills the child is going to have later in life, so just the sheer damage he did in that one moment,” Milbank argued.

“I think with DeSantis, that’s child abuse, that really is,” said fellow WaPo columnist Jennifer Rubin in agreement.

The panelists mostly continued to debate DeSantis Vs Hannity, saying the Fox host “has given up any semblance of integrity” and “threw his profession under the bus” by stumping for Trump on a campaign rally stage. Towards the end, Matthews picked DeSantis as the winner(?) by citing his campaign ad again and remarking that “you have to be taught to hate.”

Watch above, via MSNBC.

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