MSNBC’s Hunt Grills GOP Senator Twisting Himself in Knots Over Trump, Violent Threats to Georgia Officials

MSNBC’s Kasie Hunt and Senator Mike Braun (R-IN) locked horns on Wednesday while discussing the impact of President Donald Trump’s attempts to delegitimize the 2020 election result.

The interview began with Hunt pressing Braun on whether he acknowledges Joe Biden as president-elect. Braun diverted from the question by arguing that the electoral certification process is still ongoing, so Hunt followed up by asking “should I come ask you again on December 14th” when the Electoral College certifies the final result.

“The bar for me is to let the process play itself out,” Braun answered. “Most of the people I’m talking to are still talking about the election itself. If there’s any chance that next year — regardless of the outcome — that we unify and get together, I think this has got to play itself out, and I think President Trump and the White House is fully aware they’ve got deadlines they’ve got to meet.”

Hunt moved on by noting the dozens of setbacks for Trump’s legal effort to dispute the election, but since Braun made reference to Georgia, she had him react to voting systems manager Gabriel Sterling and his impassioned plea for Trump to tell people to stop threatening him and others. Trump refused to lower the temperature on his rhetoric against Georgia officials, but when Braun was asked for his response to Sterling, he said “I think the White House had a quick denouncement of the comments that initiated that.”

“I think it was riveting in terms of what he was saying,” Brian continued. “I think that’s when things have gotten too heightened and yes, you can see how that played out there in Georgia. There’s a big difference between taking that and generalizing it, or starting with systemic fraud versus nothing happening at all.”

Hunt counted by pointing out there’s a difference between investigating legitimate instances of voter fraud and Trump telling people not to trust the election results.

“You’re attributing that, Kasie, to the president,” Braun replied. “I think you need to look more closely to what people, with their own common sense, look at it in a place like Indiana. Regardless of what the president says, I think there’s that feeling that, if you don’t let it play out completely, you’ll have people unsatisfied.”

“But a feeling is not any evidence,” Hunt replied. “And where are they getting these ideas if not from the president?”

Watch the rest of the conversation above, via MSNBC.

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