MSNBC’s Jonathan Capehart Not at All Impressed by Dolezal Interview

capehartWashington Post columnist Jonathan Capehart, whose piece was quoted by Matt Lauer during his interview with Rachel Dolezal this morning, said he felt a mix of fascination and frustration at Dolezal’s answers, adding “she kind of danced around Matt’s questions.”

“I have no problem with someone white strongly identifying with African-Americans and African-American culture,” Capehart said. “The problem comes in with the deception: making up stories about her life history; posting a picture of an African-American man and describing him as her father.”

In his quoted piece, Capehart said that blackface was racist, regardless of how “down with the cause” the perpetrator may believe herself to be. Dolezal responded in her interview that she did not see her identity as blackface but as an immersive experience. Capehart seemed unenthused by that answer, adding that the empathizing of the African-American experience was even stronger when done by white people, rather than those trying to pass as black.

“I know three people personally who are so into African-American culture and the African-American experience, that many times I often forget that they are not indeed African-American,” he said. “To me, that makes them even stronger allies in the civil rights causes that they are a part of.”

Watch the clip below, via MSNBC:

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