MSNBC’s Katy Tur Battles Erick Erickson Over Trump’s Inflammatory Rhetoric: ‘Let Me Finish. This is My Show’


A discussion on the lack of civility in politics quickly spiraled into a shouting match on MSNBC Thursday as Katy Tur sparred with conservative blogger Erick Erickson.

In the wake of nearly a dozen pipe bombs appearing at the homes of high-profile Democrats and CNN’s New York offices, Tur wondered whether Erickson would speak out against President Donald Trump‘s inflammatory and divisive rhetoric that has frequently targeted politicos and the media.

“I do think it’s pretty clear when you’re talking about this toxic political environment that it did start with mostly with Donald Trump in 2015,” Tur said.

The anchor went on to list the vitriol filled statements made by the commander in chief, from his racist accusations against Mexicans whom he called rapists to  the anti-Hillary Clinton “lock her up” chants of his supporters.  

But it wasn’t long before Erickson began interrupting, irking Tur as she said firmly, “Let me finish. This is my show.”

“Have you ever heard a politician other than Donald Trump say, ‘I’m so proud’ or give a kudos to another politician who body slammed a reporter? Have you heard that from anybody else other than Donald Trump?” she added.

Responding to Tur’s pointed remarks, Erickson said, “Your blood pressure going up over Donald Trump right now is a symptom of what’s going on in this country,” contending that “both sides are to blame” for the state of political discourse and a lack of civility.

However, Tur wasn’t satisfied with that answer.

“I think everybody needs to take responsibility for their own actions but to say … that the bar did not get demonstrably lowered when Donald Trump started running for office is just not true and it’s offensive,” she said.

Watch the clip above via MSNBC.

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