MSNBC’s Katy Tur: ‘Does Anything [Trump] Says Matter? And I Think the Answer Is No’

From beginning to end of Donald Trump‘s campaign for the presidency, Katy Tur of NBC News frequently drew Trump’s ire for a number of tough statements about and confrontations with the then-candidate.

Now, Tur is behind the anchor desk at MSNBC. And sitting in for Chuck Todd on MTP: Daily Monday, she once again made a comment that doesn’t figure to be well-received by the President.

Speaking with New York Times reporter Glenn Thrush, Tur essentially asked if there was any way Trump could avoid explicitly breaking a campaign promise with the Senate’s health care proposal.

“The president himself ran, as you know, ran on not touching entitlements and Medicaid,” Tur said. “Ran on making sure no people were dying on the streets. How does he square this argument or how does he square his new argument that they need to do something, even if it doesn’t benefit everyone?”

“He doesn’t,” Thrush said matter-of-factly. “There’s no way to square anything.”

And then Tur made a comment that — even in this era of cable news where pundits and anchors seemingly try to outdo each other with provocative statements on a daily basis — must be regarded as truly stunning.

“I guess the question is does anything he says matter?” Tur said. “And I think the answer is no.”

Watch above, via MSNBC.

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