MSNBC’s Krystal Ball Blasts Bill Clinton for Engaging in ‘Magical Thinking’

Co-host of MSNBC’s The Cycle, Krystal Ball, scolded former President Bill Clinton on Wednesday over his admonishment of President Barack Obama for not honoring his “commitment” to those who are losing their health plans. She said that Obama is not being a “jerk” and that the Affordable Care Act, as written, is the least disruptive reform to the American health care system that could have been constructed without being ineffective.

“It’s not like the president doesn’t want people to keep their health insurance,” Ball said. “It’s not like he’s just trying to be a jerk to be a jerk about this.”

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“If there was a way under the law that you could make this work so that people could keep the thing that they wanted to keep, he would do it,” she continued. “The problem is this whole law was designed to have as little disruption as possible. This was the minimum amount of disruption possible.”

“Bill Clinton is basically engaging in magical thinking here,” Ball declared. “That you can just snap your fingers and say, ‘Go ahead guys. Keep what you got.’ It doesn’t work that way.”

Watch the clip below via MSNBC:

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