MSNBC’s Lisa Bloom: ‘Creepy-Ass Cracker’ Was ‘Funny,’ ‘Lighthearted’ Way To Describe Someone

While discussing the now-completed murder trial for George Zimmerman this afternoon, MSNBC legal analyst Lisa Bloom asserted that she finds the phrase “creepy-ass cracker” to be a rather humorous, light-hearted way of describing another person.

“I personally think it’s almost funny,” Bloom said of the aforementioned phrase reportedly used by shooting victim Trayvon Martin to describe Zimmerman. “I think that’s the kind of way you talk and get a smile. ‘Look at this creepy-ass cracker.’ It’s kind of an amusing way of describing somebody. The word creepy is really the operative part of that word, that he was concerned. This guy is creepy, but in a little light-hearted way.”

Martin’s “light-hearted” use of the phrase “creepy-ass cracker,” Bloom added, stands in deep contrast to Zimmerman’s derogatory words to describe the victim the night of the shooting. “It was not in the least bit funny,” she said, “calling [Martin] an ‘f-ing punk’ and ‘a-hole.’ Clearly derogatory. No other way to interpret it.”

She drew a distinction between Zimmerman “slamming and insulting the other one” and Martin “keeping it kind of light-hearted with Rachel Jeantel.” The Cycle co-host Touré agreed with her assessment, adding that Martin’s use of both “cracker” and “the n-word” in the same conversation “cancels themselves out.”

Watch below, via MSNBC:

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