MSNBC’s Malcolm Nance Dismisses Trump’s Syria Strike as ‘Sanitary’: ‘We Killed No One’

MSNBC analyst Malcolm Nance dismissed the strike on Bashar al-Assad’s chemical weapons facilities in Syria as “very limited” and “sanitary,” pointing out that “we killed no one” in the attack.

Appearing on AM Joy, Nance argued that the Friday night bombing, carried out by the U.S., France and Britain, “was a very, very limited strike.”

“And it shows the influence of [Defense Secretary] General Mattis, he didn’t really want to do it but he had to hit something,” Nance said. “He hit storage facilities, he hit research and scientific facilities, even though many of the equipment inside those facilities may have been destroyed.”

Nance went on to compare the strike to Bill Clinton’s 1998 attack on Osama bin Laden’s “chemical weapons factory” in Sudan that turned out to be an medicine factory.

“We only hit their headquarters at night,” Nance said, “and he was roundly criticized for killing no one.”

“If you’re going to really do this type of attack, you’re going to have to make it tough, and you’re going to have to get the people that are in there. This was sanitary, we killed no one. We didn’t even damage their air defenses.”

Watch above, via MSNBC.

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