MSNBC’s Malcolm Nance Says Putin is Trump’s ‘Handler’, Claims The GOP ‘Has Surrendered to Russia’


MSNBC analyst Malcolm Nance had some tough words for President Donald Trump and GOP lawmakers for their handling of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Nance began by comparing Trump to Neville Chamberlain and claimed that he was going to “lay down” in his upcoming meeting with Putin.

“And he’s correct. He has been preparing his entire life for this,” Nance mocked the president. “I mean, he went to the Soviet Union in 1987 trying to get Trump Hotels. We know that he was taking Russian money and was, you know, selling real estate to them for years. We also know that in 2013 he met with the top 12 Russian oligarchs and received their version of events for over two hours and since that time has been spouting it. I mean, quite honestly, Donald Trump is going there to meet with his handler. He’s going to meet with the guy he’s been worshipping and admiring for years, not just the last two years. And that doesn’t bode well for the United States.”

Nance insisted that Trump “some way, shape, or form that has yet to be determined” is “in debt” to Vladimir Putin.

“Today he normalized the KGB,” Nance continued. “Donald Trump today normalized him just as he normalized the Nazis in Charlottesville. This is very dangerous for American democracy. And to have several Republicans senators go there to pave the way in this grand appeasement of Moscow only shows the Republican Party has surrendered to Russia. And this will hurt this American constitutional republic seriously

Watch the clip above, via MSNBC.

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