MSNBC’s Matthews and Sharpton Bash Grimes Concession Speech: ‘You Need to Be Gracious!’

In the Kentucky Senate race, Democrat challenger Alison Lundergan Grimes lost by a wide margin to Senator Mitch McConnell, and as such, gave a concession speech — one that the MSNBC election coverage team immediately tore apart.

“That wasn’t your usual concession speech,” Chris Matthews began. “Usually you congratulate the winner. You say something gracious. You move on. You unify the state to some extent. It was a partisan speech. Fair enough, it’s her call,” he added.

“It wasn’t a concession speech. Usually, you concede,” Al Sharpton added, noting that she made the Democrats turn on her when she infamously refused to say whether she voted for Obama during an editorial board Q&A. “You can represent what you represent. But you respect the winner, and you pledge to move on together.”

Rachel Maddow thought that Grimes may have been “shellshocked” by how badly she lost (polls showed her running neck-in-neck with McConnell) and Chris Hayes added that McConnell’s entire strategy was to tie her to the deeply-maligned President. “She was unable to say that she voted for Barack Obama was because Barack Obama is deeply unpopular,” he pointed out.

“I was going to say something,” Matthews interrupted. “Okay, I’ll say it. She was unable to say who won the election, either.”

Watch below via MSNBC:

And here’s Grimes’s “ungracious” concession speech, for reference:

[Image via screenshot]

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