MSNBC’s Melissa Harris Perry Compares Deporting Illegal Immigrants to Fugitive Slave Laws

msnbcMSNBC host Melissa Harris Perry compared deporting illegal immigrants Saturday to the Fugitive Slave Law, which required Northerners to return runaway slaves to their Southern owners.

Perry was discussing the plight of illegal immigrants in Flint, Michigan, who are reportedly wary of accepting fresh water aid from government officials. Perry said she believed the moment presented an opportunity for a “brown-black coalition.”

“I don’t want the Obama administration’s final year to be marred by a fugitive slave law around the question of this deportation that leads in the context of Flint to actual children being actually poisoned by lead because their parents are too afraid to open the door for clean water,” she said.

Guest Jamiliah Lemieux, who is also known for her outlandish comments, agreed. She called the situation “terrifying” because of Republican candidates who “have no problem putting all of you brown people out.”

[h/t Newsbusters]

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