MSNBC’s Mitchell Battles With Trump Spox Tim Murtaugh After He Accuses Biden of ‘Using Anti-Vaxxer Rhetoric’: ‘That is Not at All Accurate’


MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell locked horns with Tim Murtaugh as the Donald Trump re-election campaign spokesman ran with numerous false claims in the final days of the 2020 election.

The interview began with Mitchell asking why Trump continues to hold rallies despite those concerned about the coronavirus risks. Murtaugh used most of his answer to portray Joe Biden as pro-lockdown, saying “in China, they welded people’s doors shut to keep them at home, and figuratively that’s what Joe Biden is suggesting.”

Mitchell moved to factcheck Murtaugh’s characterization of Biden’s position, and when Murtaugh doubled down that “he absolutely is” for total lockdowns, she chided him by saying, “Excuse me. That is not what he’s saying.” This segued into a bout over Trump’s failure to lead by example on mask-wearing to mitigate the spread of Covid-19.

After Murtaugh launched into complaints that the media would’ve covered Trump more favorably if he were a Democrat, he then launched into a false portrayal of Biden’s position on the development of a coronavirus vaccine.

You have Joe Biden on the other side using this anti-vaxxer rhetoric, scaring people away from taking the vaccine, and then the media happily trumpeting the polls that say that people are afraid of the vaccine.

“Joe Biden is not using anti-vaxxer rhetoric,” Mitchell interjected, overriding Murtaugh as she correctly noted what Biden’s actual position is.

The two went on to clashover the Trump administration’s record on Covid testing, plus the newly-released Bob Woodward tape suggesting Trump privately supported shutdowns but wanted to get the credit for when states reopened. This eventually went back to Biden’s alleged “anti-vaxxer rhetoric,” and as Murtaugh accused the ex-veep and the media of weaponizing the pandemic, Mitchell dryly noted “that is not at all accurate.”

Watch above, via MSNBC.

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