MSNBC’s Nicolle Wallace: ‘There Isn’t a Strain of Racism on the Left’


With Republicans in the House of Representatives are speaking out and taking action against Rep. Steve King (R-IA), MSNBC host Nicolle Wallace claimed there is no “strain of racism” among people on the left side of politics.

“I think what’s so upsetting about the Steve King thing is not even so much what he has said as odious as it is, but it gives a window into the voters of the Republican Party and the people who have supported him and condoned this all this time,” guest Rick Stengel said. “Let’s parse that line. ‘Like, what’s wrong? When did saying white nationalism or white supremacy become a bad word?’ I mean, the problem is there are voters who are thinking that, too, like, what is wrong with that? And that’s the problem with the Republican Party, that those people have nowhere else to go and they have a president who seems to endorse those views, which are un-American.”

After it was pointed out that President George W. Bush condemned racism from congressmen when he was in office, Wallace said you don’t see this behavior among Democrats.

“Part of the problem is we think — this does not have a parallel on the left. There just — it doesn’t. There isn’t. There isn’t a strain of racism on the left,” she said. “I don’t — so I think that this gets brushed under the rug. People sort of tolerate — it’s been normalized. Like you just said, they don’t have anywhere else to go, so they attach to the Republican Party. The Republican Party doesn’t have to let them. How — how do — how do Republicans sort of get back to doing something decent?”

The rest of the panel agreed the only reason why any action was taken against King was because Democrats control the House and they needed to “get ahead”  of the controversy.

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