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MSNBC’s Norah O’Donnell: White House Staffers Are Having Nightmares Of ‘Gushing Oil’

It’s not hard to believe that some people inside the White House are taking the oil disaster in the Gulf of Mexico very seriously, but on Morning Joe this morning, Norah O’Donnell may have exaggerated that pressure when she suggested she knew people in the White House who couldn’t get to sleep because they kept seeing the gushing oil in their nightmares.

Discussing how much White House staffers have been working to figure out how to handle the oil spill, O’Donnell told her fellow panelists on Morning Joe that the oil was now gushing straight into their subconscious:

“I’ve spoken with White House staffers who tell me that they wake up in the middle of the night with nightmares of the gushing oil. It’s consuming to be in the White House with all of these different problems, and then this oil that eclipses everything.”

Everyone experiences seemingly insurmountable challenges that somehow seep into dreams, and nightmares of the disgusting goo covering the Gulf right now sounds horrible– just horrible enough to produce sympathy for a White House that has not had it easy in handling the media response to their actions in the Gulf.

The Morning Joe segment below:

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