MSNBC’s On-Screen Bio For Jim Jordan Includes Allegations He Ignored Sexual Abuse

Jim Jordan. Republican from Ohio. Potential future Speaker of the House. Former wrestling coach who denies knowing about alleged sexual abuse at Ohio State.

In an interesting on-screen biography, MSNBC noted that Jordan claims to have no knowledge of alleged sexual abuse of athletes at The Ohio State University that occurred while he was employed there as an assistant wrestling coach.

The network is providing brief bios of the congressmen and women who are participating in the hearing with FBI Agent Peter Strzok to familiarize viewers with who they are. Granted, the sexual abuse allegations are very much in the news, so many viewers will know Jordan from his relation to them, but for a congressional biography, that may not be the first thing you want plastered across the screen about yourself.

Jordan’s line of inquiry of Strzok at the hearing revolved mostly around content which Strzok was prohibited from discussing because it involved an ongoing investigation. Strzok explained to Jordan that the FBI asked him not to discuss those matters at the hearing and did not on advice of counsel. However, Jordan continued to ask those questions anyway.

Watch above, via MSNBC.

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