MSNBC’s Roberts Accuses Rep. King of Being ‘Dictator’ for Ignoring Public Opinion on Iraq

Things got heated between Morning Joe regular Thomas Roberts and Representative Peter King (R-NY) over President Barack Obama’s Iraq War policy Tuesday morning, as Roberts asked King, a vocal proponent of military intervention, if Obama wasn’t just following the desires of the American public in keeping the U.S. from re-engagement in Iraq.

“Leadership is not necessarily doing what people want,” King replied. “If Winston Churchill had done that in the 1930s he wouldn’t have wondered about Nazi aggression, and he would have just given it to Neville Chamberlain — ”

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“So the president should do what you want?” Roberts asked.

“No, he should do the right thing.”

“Which is what you want,” Roberts said. “You’re elected by the American people. You serve the American people. You can’t just go around being a dictatorship, like what these people are trying to fight against in these countries that you’re trying to say that we’re saving them from.”

“That is incredibly absurd,” King objected. “I can’t believe you’re serious about it. You’re saying that if the president realizes that he has to change policy to save the lives of the American people and to protect American interests, he shouldn’t do it? He should be locked into a policy no matter what? That’s absurd!”

Watch the clip below, via MSNBC:

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