MSNBC’s Roberts and Matthews: ‘Sexy,’ ‘Easy’ Headlines Generated by People Losing Insurance

MSNBC anchor Thomas Roberts and Hardball host Chris Matthews implicitly chided the press on Monday for pursuing the “sexy” and “easy” headlines that are generated by waves of people losing their health insurance as a result of the Affordable Care Act. Roberts also noted that much of the public outcry over these mass cancellations was to be expected because “most of us all hate change.”

“The latest revelations about the millions who have lost their insurance coverage,” Roberts began. “That is a sexy headline.”

“It’s easy, too,” Matthews added.

“The reality is these are junk policies that did not meet the basic standard of care,” Roberts continued. “And these people that are getting these cancellation notices, they didn’t realize that maybe they were one catastrophic emergency room visit or crazy situation away from being bankrupt.”

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“But the president has a problem here,” Matthews countered. “I think a lot of people like me hate paperwork.” Matthews said that, even though people will like the new federal coverage requirements, they will balk at having to sign up for new plans through the federal exchanges.

“Well, most of us all hate change, too, when it comes to things like this where we have to amend what we’re used to, even if it is for our betterment,” Roberts added.

Watch the clip below via MSNBC:

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