MSNBC’s Ruhle, Nan Hayworth Spar Over Trump Jr.’s Russian Lawyer Meeting: ‘Why Did They Lie?’


Stephanie Ruhle had a heated debate with former Republican congresswoman Nan Hayworth when they talked about the connotations of Donald Trump Jr.’s meeting with a Russian lawyer.

Ruhle began the segment by looking over the new information that Michael Flynn did not inform the White House when he sat down for his first interview about his contacts with Russia. NBC’s report also states that the White House learned about the interview after Sally Yates informed them, which prompted Hayworth to note that the acting Attorney General was fired by President Trump for refusing to enact his executive orders.

As the panel discussed whether the Trump Administration tried to turn the Justice Department away from looking into Russia early on, Hayworth started to attack James Comey while saying “there’s nothing here that has to be somehow put together that inevitably is put together as evidence of a collusion story.” She eventually argued that the only collusion that happened was between Comey, Andrew McCabe, Peter Strzok, and Lisa Page.

After a conversation about the recent GOP accusations of FBI corruption, Ruhle shifted gears and asked Hayworth if it was “no biggie” when the president’s team tried to cover up his son’s controversial 2016 meeting. When Hayworth argued that nothing substantive came from that event, Ruhle pushed back by noting that Trump’s team still took the meeting under the impression of gathering foreign intel on Hillary Clinton, then changed their story about it multiple times.

“Why did they lie about what took place in the meeting?” Ruhle asked.

Hayworth tried to argue that the meeting only gravitated around the Magnitsky Act, though Jeremy Bash interjected by noting how it plays into a greater quid pro quo angle on the Russian’s part.

You can watch how Hayworth responded to that in the clip above, via MSNBC.

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