MSNBC’s Stephanie Ruhle: It Only ‘Helps Trump’ When Celebs Like Maher Say ‘Let the Economy Fail’

MSNBC’s Stephanie Ruhle says liberal celebrities like Bill Maher and Robert De Niro might be helping President Trump, even if there are a lot of people who agree with their latest condemnations of the president.

Maher recently got a lot of blowback for saying on Real Time that he hopes the economy crashes because that will undermine any notion of Trump’s presidency being good for America. On a related note, De Niro earned thunderous applause last night when he yelled “F*ck Trump” in the middle of the Tony Awards.

As Ruhle talked to Elise Jordan and Mark Thompson about this, she said that “I understand the frustration and outrage around the president. I’m sure I shout some of those words in the shower.” However, she said this only helps Trump because it reinforces the belief among his supporters that celebrities and media fact-checkers don’t actually care about what the rest of the country cares about.

“When you see celebrities say I hope the economy bottoms out to get rid of Trump, I think that helps Trump,” Ruhle said. “People stop believing what the media tells them when they see media superstars say things like ‘Let the economy fail.'”

Thompson noted that Trump says nasty things about his political opposition all the time, though Ruhle countered that the recent controversy with Samantha Bee shows that this kind of coarseness “hurts the argument” in political discourse.

Watch above, via MSNBC.

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