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MSNBC’s Steve Schmidt Slams Bernie’s ‘Grievance Message’: If There Is an Establishment, He’s Part of It

MSNBC’s Steve Schmidt — a former Republican strategist — has repeatedly expressed alarm about a Bernie Sanders nomination guaranteeing President Donald Trump a second term.

Schmidt told Nicolle Wallace Tuesday that if the nominee is Joe Biden, the election comes down to “good man vs bad man.”

He expressed hope that Democratic voters are now “taking very seriously the existential importance of this election and putting somebody into the nomination that could defeat Donald Trump.”

Schmidt said Sanders’ message is “so reminiscent of Trump’s message,” citing the Sanders-Trump crossover seen in 2016 and adding, “It’s a grievance message, it’s an anger message.”

He also accused Sanders of being part of the establishment he decries, saying, “With regard to establishment, certainly if there is one, Bernie Sanders is a part of it. He’s a multimillionaire… who owns three houses and serves in the United States Senate.”

“Trying to tear down the institutions has been the work of one party and the Trumpist movement, and to reciprocate it on the Democratic party — I think there’s a lot of angst going on right now, and I think that explains the volatility,” he added.

You can watch above, via MSNBC.

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