MSNBC’s Steve Schmidt: Trump’s Midterm Campaign of ‘Racial Demagoguery Worked’


While discussing the midterm election results last night, GOP strategist and MSNBC political analyst Steve Schmidt said President Donald Trump’s recent campaign of “racial demagoguery… worked.”

“The reality is that Paul Ryan was wrong to advise to campaign on the economy, and Donald Trump’s instincts were validated in big sections of the the country,” Schmidt said during last MSNBC’s election coverage last night. “Racial demagoguery, it worked.”

He elaborated on this point:

“We have a news media functioning as a propaganda arm of a president who controls it. We have an interconnected web of propaganda and misinformation and nonsense where the American people subjected to a constant torrent of lies. Whether it’s a caravan, whether it’s illegal voting, whether it’s any of the other 6,000 lies that he told over the year. The assault on objective truth, we’ve seen the consequence through the incitement strategy that played out.”

Schmidt went on to describe the 2018 midterms as a “clarification of the borderlines in the country with regard to the cold civil war that Donald Trump is stoking.”

“The Republican Party may have gotten a low interest mortgage on their incitement strategy just like the California party did with its anti-immigrant demagoguery in 1994 and didn’t win another race,” he added. “The incitement and demagoguery of this campaign will linger like a stench around the Republican Party for ages.”

As for Democrats flipping the house, Schmidt preemptively knocked President Donald Trump’s “fog machine spin” on the GOP losses and said, “If you have the capacity to make up an invasion of the United States, out of whole cloth by a disease infested horde of immigrants, for sure you have the capacity to say though you lost, you in fact won.”

Watch above, via MSNBC.

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