MSNBC’s Tamron Hall ‘Befuddled’ When Reporter Says Obama Can’t Sell Obamacare

MSNBC anchor Tamron Hall was “befuddled” when Washington Post reporter Nia-Malika Henderson observed that, in spite of years of semi-continuous promotion of the Affordable Care Act, it remains unpopular. She said that it was possible President Barack Obama needed to extricate himself from the discussion about the law because his presence has not bee helpful. This statement confounded Hall.

“One of my questions is, does Obama need to in some way step out of the picture in terms of selling Obamacare?” she asked. “Because he hasn’t really made the case.”

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“He’s been out there talking about Obamacare for many years now, and the polls just haven’t changed,” Henderson observed. She noted that celebrities and former President Bill Clinton talking up the bill may be better received by the public.

“Michael, what do you make of this?” Hall asked her guest Michael Smerconish. “Taking Obama out… I am befuddled by that.”

Smerconish disagreed with Henderson and said that the president needed to take “those skills that he’s had on the campaign trail” to the fight to promote the ACA.

Watch the clip below via MSNBC:

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