MSNBC’s Todd: Hillary’s Team More Focused on Her ‘Brand’ Than 2016


Discussing presumed 2016 presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s troubled book tour, which has seen her deflecting bad news cycle after bad news cycle over her wealth and astronomical speaking fees, NBC News political analyst Chuck Todd surmised on Morning Joe Thursday morning that Clinton’s team was more focused on protecting her “brand” than how to get her past the Democratic nomination and general election.

“There is nobody around her that is thinking about, every single day, how does she get the nomination and how does she get to 2016 and how do we use this moment to do that?” Todd said. “Karl Rove in 1997 was thinking about George W. Bush’s presidential campaign in 2000 every day. David Axelrod was thinking about it before Barack Obama was thinking about it, when it comes to running for president, in ’05 and ’06.”

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“This book tour, and all of these decisions to go out and basically make your post-presidential money before you run for president?” Todd continued. “It tells me there is nobody around Hillary actually thinking every single day: ‘What’s good for her to become President of the United States?’ I think there are people around her say, ‘How do we protect Hillary Clinton and how do we help Hillary Clinton, the brand?'”

Todd thought that Clinton should have used her year out of office to travel the world speaking on women’s rights, rather than speeches to trade organizations and Wall Street firms (among others).

Watch the clip below, via MSNBC:

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