Fox News: MTV Staffers Getting Death Threats Over “Jersey Shore”

jersey_redeyeWe’ve already declared MTV’s Jersey Shorethe worst best show of all time,” but the docu-soap reality show is now getting the sort of attention, that security guards are getting involved. As Greg Gutfeld reported on RedEye last night, MTV staffers behind the show are now getting death threats from individuals that find the portrayal of Italian-Americans demeaning.

Mark Graham at NY Mag’s Culture Vulture reports:

According to inside sources at MTV, “The MTV building in Times Square was getting crazy threats and they are in the process of hiring more security and bodyguards.” These threats are allegedly coming from Italian-Americans who are taking offense to MTV airing a program in which the show’s cast — which, mind you, is made up exclusively of Italian-Americans — casually referring to themselves as “guidos” and “guidettes.” André DiMino, the president of Italian-American service organization Unico National, told the Times, “I don’t see any redeeming value in the show. [The cast members] are an embarrassment to themselves and to their families.”

Gutfeld seemed to take the ostensibly serious issue of death threats pretty lightly, and primarily used as an excuse to air clips of the show. Which is exactly what we will do:

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