Mumford & Sons Enlist 4 Of The Funniest Men On Earth For Hilariously Epic Music Video

You may not realize it during the first few seconds of the new music video for “Hopeless Wanderer,” but those four Depression-era hipsters lugging their over-sized acoustic instruments through a sun-drenched field are not Mumford and Sons. The Grammy-winning band stepped aside to make room for a full-on parody of their twee, bluegrass-inflected aesthetic featuring some of the biggest comedy heavyweights working today.

As the camera begins to zoom in on the faces of Ed Helms (The Office), Jason Bateman (Arrested Development) and Jason Sudeikis and Will Forte (Saturday Night Live), we realize that something special is happening here. The furious strumming, emotive singing and dramatic crying eventually give way to a four-man, barber shop quartet-style banjo jamboree.

The video has already racked up more than 300,000 views since it was posted on YouTube’s VEVO Sunday and he attracted an outsized share of buzz for a world in which MTV has essentially abandoned the form. Mostly, it has revealed that a band the whole world thought took itself far too seriously, has possibly been in on the joke the whole time.

Watch video below, via VEVO:

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