Muslim-Americans Speak Out to CNN About NSA Targeting

Two prominent Muslim-Americans spoke out on CNN today about a revelatory report published by Glenn Greenwald that they, along with three other prominent Muslim-Americans, were specifically targeted by the NSA for surveillance. Asim Ghafoor is a civil rights attorney who’s taken up cases against the government, while Faisal Gill is a former Bush administration official who worked in the Department of Homeland Security, and both men couldn’t think of any reason why they were targeted other than the fact that they’re Muslims.

Greenwald himself was there too, telling Jake Tapper that based on these two men’s lack of any criminal background, it’s very strange that they were targeted. Gill had found himself the subject of controversy over supposed ties he had to a Muslim activist who pled guilty to illegal financial transactions with the government of Libya, but it never actually went anywhere and Gill made it clear today he had almost no contact with that individual.

Ghafoor couldn’t understand what the government possibly wanted from his emails, while Gill said he has no problem with surveillance, but “there has to be a reason for it.”

Watch the full segment here, via CNN:

[image via screengrab]

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