Muslim Columnist Reacts to Gingrich on Fox News: ‘How Are You Going to Test Me?’

Screen Shot 2016-07-16 at 10.15.30 PMColumnist and Muslim scholar Dr. Quanta Ahmed said that Newt Gingrich has no idea what he’s talking about when she appeared on Fox & Friends to discuss the attack in Nice.

In the wake of the carnage that devastated France on Thursday night, Gingrich drew attention for suggesting a “test” on those in America with Muslim backgrounds. The former speaker said the test’s purpose would be to identify and deport believers of Sharia law, and the implications drew scrutiny from Ahmed and several others.

“It’s very discouraging when you’re a Muslim here in the United States, as am I, as are about 3.5 million other people,” Ahmed said. “Every time this happens, all Muslims are dehumanized.”

The attacker behind the Nice massacre was reported as not being a devout Muslim, and that the lack of terror signals indicates that he was radicalized “very rapidly.” As Ahmed commented on the ongoing investigation, she argued that Sharia encourages a “God-centered life,” and that Gingrich doesn’t understand that there is a difference from the warped observance practiced by terrorists and oppressive societies.

“How are you going to test me,” Ahmed asked. “Gingrich doesn’t understand Sharia so he’s not alone in his ignorance. The whole narrative in the 18 months we have been talking, [he] does not understand what Sharia means.”

Gingrich has since backtracked on his original comments.

Watch above, via Fox.

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