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Must-See Late Night Clip: Harrison Rips Apart His ​Star Wars Doll on Tonight Show

Star Wars star Harrison Ford used a Han Solo action figure doll to recreate his The Force Awakens set injury for Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon. Yet what began as an educational lesson quickly became a faux therapy session for the actor.

The 73-year-old performer famously broke his ankle when a hydraulic door came smashing down on his foot. The accident caused concerns about the project’s viability, but Ford quickly rebounded and was able to finish production. (Then he went on to break his other leg in a plane crash.)

For the purpose of edification, Fallon gave Ford the Solo doll to show the Tonight Show audience where the mean, nasty hydraulic door touched him.

“This one [the left foot], they dislocated the ankle forward,” Ford said as he yanked the appendage off of the doll.

“Hey! That’s worth a lot of money,” Fallon protested, though Ford wasn’t done yet.

“And then they broke this leg,” he exclaimed amidst a flurry of flying toy parts.

The whole point of the interview sketch was to poke fun at Ford’s injuries by suggesting that director J.J. Abrams and the filmmakers behind The Force Awakens were trying to cripple, if not kill him. Both men eventually broke towards the sketch’s end, resulting in Ford’s tossing the toy behind him onto the set.

Check out the clip above, via NBC.

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