Must-See Late Night Clip: Kimmel Asks People About Hitler’s Tweeted Response to Trump


With presidential candidates like Donald Trump constantly in the news, Jimmy Kimmel Live‘s “Lie Witness News” isn’t going away anytime soon. Hence why host Jimmy Kimmel thought it appropriate to prepare for Trump’s visit on Wednesday with a Trump-centric edition of the segment on Tuesday.

Whether you believe any of the people that Kimmel’s camera crew interviewed or not doesn’t really matter at this point. Especially since so many of them were willing to go along with some of the dumbest questions one could possibly ask about American politics. Prompts so dumb that, logic to the contrary, they encourage some of the best late night television around.

Like the young woman who believed that Adolf Hitler was still alive, and was active on Twitter.

Yes. Hitler. Still alive. On Twitter, tweeting insults in response to all the Trump comparisons.

“Some of his comments about Muslims have people comparing him with Hitler. Hitler’s been trying to distance himself from Donald Trump,” the off-camera interviewer says. “This morning Hitler tweeted: ‘Trump can kiss my wiener schnitzel.'”

The woman’s response? “I think it was pretty funny. Yes, I saw that on Twitter.”

On the one hand, the interviewee doesn’t look all that impressed during the segment, which could suggest a number things. Things like:

  • She has no earthly idea what she’s talking about.
  • She has no earthly idea what the interviewer is talking about.
  • She knows the interviewer is full of sh*t, but plays along anyway.
  • She just saw an ex across the street, waiving at her.


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