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Must-See Late Night Clips: Conan, Kimmel, Letterman Take on Hillary’s Iowa Trip

Conan, Kimmel, Letterman Take on Hillary's Iowa Trip

With Hillary Clinton on the road to Iowa, last night’s late night shows had some fun imagining what might be happening along the way. Using their own unique styles, Conan O’Brien, Jimmy Kimmel and David Letterman each presented a different take on the first big swing of Clinton’s campaign.

First up, O’Brien used Clinton’s Chipotle visit to imagine the other various ways she tried to demonstrate her “common touch.”

Watch video below, via TBS:

Then, Kimmel zeroed in on a typo from Clinton’s website that read, “She’s fought children and families all her career.” From there, the host cut to an exclusive clip of the candidate beating up a small child.

Watch video below, via ABC:

And finally, Letterman did what he does best, a top ten list of “Things Overheard In Hillary Clinton’s Van.” For instance, “This is my Van-ghazi, get it?”

Watch video below, via CBS:

Remember this next time someone tells you late night television gives Democrats a pass.

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