Must-See Late Night Clips: Kimmel, Meyers Get in on the Dress Color Debate

Kimmel and Meyers Get in on the Dress Color Debate 

The great internet debate over the color of this dress from a Scottish wedding reached late night last night, where both Jimmy Kimmel and Seth Meyers gave their definitive opinions on the matter. The question at hand, for those who are out of the loop: Is this dress white and gold or blue and black?

“The dress has now been seen like hundreds of millions of times and it splits pretty evenly between people who see it as gold and white and people who are wrong,” Kimmel said Monday night. He took an informal poll of his audience, proving that the sharp divide does exist.

Watch video below, via ABC:

On Late Night, Meyers brought on a series of “experts” to break down the issue, including a “scientist” who thought the white and gold crowd was straight-up wrong. “Imagine, going through life seeing everything wrong,” he said, calling Meyers “severely brain-damaged” for seeing it that way.

Then the host also found a white man who may or may not know that he’s married to a black woman.

Watch video below, via NBC:

For the record, the dress is technically blue and black, but Wired published a lengthy article on explaining exactly why so many people see it as white and gold.

Many people will find it hard to believe this is the same dress in different lighting:

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