Must See TV: Stephen Colbert Has Vampire Weekend And The Black Keys In A “Sell-Out-Off”

There have been a lot of great musical segments on late night recently thanks to all the hosts who also like to strum a guitar (examples: Jimmy Fallon, Conan O’Brien), however, one of the most terrifically bizarre occurred last night on The Colbert Report. Stephen Colbert needed help deciding how to vote for this year’s Grammys, so he brought on both members of The Black Keys as well as Vampire Weekend-frontman Ezra Koenig so that the two bands could have a “sell-out-off.” Then everyone grabbed weapons for some reason and started a fight to the death.

The segment was so much fun that the audience couldn’t help but wildly applaud a series of commercials that have made all of us want to bash our brains in thanks to their ubiquitous airplay. Seriously, I liked Contra but those Honda commercials are some of the worst things ever perpetrated by man. The audience also applauded a Victoria’s Secret commercial but I wouldn’t include that in the bunch because no one could ever get annoyed with a Victoria’s Secret commercial.

Anyway, the whole thing was hilarious and featured some acting by musicians that wasn’t as screechingly bad as that kind of thing can be. Check out the segment from Comedy Central below:

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