‘My Great-Grandfather Was Forcibly Removed’ GOP Congressman Slams Trump’s Andrew Jackson Praise


Rep. Tom Cole (R-OK), the deputy majority whip in the House of Representatives, voiced his concerns with President Donald Trump’s embrace of Andrew Jackson on Morning Joe Tuesday.

After Scarborough jokingly asked Cole about Trump’s new program “invite a tyrant to work day,” the Republican congressman said he was more offended by Trump’s embrace of Jackson:

As a proud Chickasaw, of course my great offense is anything nice said about Andrew Jackson. That’s the one that concerns me the most. Since my great-grandfather was forcibly removed out off…

Before Cole could elaborate, Scarborough cut him off, saying “I’m a little more concerned about North Korea right now, but go ahead.”

Cole agreed, and moved on to North Korea, calling the Trump White House “more decisive” on Pyongyang than previous administrations.

The great-grandfather comment from Cole would have been an exceptionally intriguing line of inquiry had Scarborough chosen to pursue it.

Cole, part Native-Chickasaw from Oklahoma, has never been a fan of Jackson. The congressman has supported efforts to remove Jackson from the $20 bill, and referred to the former president’s purge of Native Americans from the southeast as “ethnic cleansing.”

As the seventh president, Jackson signed the Indian Removal Act, which effectively legalized ethnic cleansing and allowed for the bloody removal of tens of thousands of Native Americans from the southeast to make way for U.S. states, including Oklahoma.

As The Oklahoman points out, Cole’s grandmother loathed Jackson so much she refused to carry a $20 bill.

Watch above, via MSNBC.

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