MyPillow Guy Rips Rep. Ilhan Omar on Fox & Friends, Discusses His Former Crack Cocaine Addiction

Television news-watchers might be vaguely familiar with Mike Lindell, the mustachioed founder of MyPillow whose commercials are regularly seen across cable programming. As it were, Lindell gave an interview to Fox News on Friday in which his time was split between slamming Congresswoman Ilhan Omar (D-MN) and talking about his past with drug addiction.

When he beamed into Fox & Friends, Lindell was asked about some recent comments of his that suggested he might try to get involved in Minnesota state politics. Lindell lightly chided the curvy couch by saying his remarks were taken out of context, even if he does want to help advance President Donald Trump’s agenda within the state.

“The answer is not at this time. If the Lord wanted me to run I would run, and it was like all of these yesterday I was bombarded in the news, they’re going ‘We heard you’re with run we heard you’re running.’ I would love to do it. But I’ve got such a big platform going on right now and I want to help the president help — help turn Minnesota completely red, and get right people in office to be one of the amazing states in the country.”

When asked for his thoughts about Omar, Lindell started wailing on her and calling her anti-Israel, but then things took an abrupt turn when he went into an aside about how he used to be a crack-cocaine addict. From there, Ainsley Earhardt asked him to share his story about how he went from drug user to company founder.

Watch above, via Fox News.

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