Nailed: Stephen Colbert ‘Borrows’ Mediaite Joke About Christine O’Donnell’s Romney Endorsement

It’s not really fair to call Christine O’Donnell a “has-been” political figure; a more accurate term would be a “never-was.” Still, the recent endorsement of embattled Mitt Romney by the self-professed “not-a-witch” and Tea Party darling caught a lot of people off guard. Sound absurd? Well it was deemed absurd enough for Stephen Colbert to mock last night, even if he appeared to “borrow” a joke from Mediaite’s own Tommy Christopher. An homage perhaps?

You will recall O’Donnell’s infamous campaign ad in which she spoke to camera and declared “I am not a witch.” So when Mediaite reported that the Tea Party candidate was supporting Romney over Gingrich, Christoper titled his post, quite cleverly, “No ‘Aye’ Of Newt: Christine O’Donnell Endorses Mitt Romney.” In last night’s show, Colbert made the very same joke, declaring “this endorsement proves that she is not a witch because a witch would have gone for the eye of Newt.” Huh.

Watch the funny clip below, courtesy of Comedy Central, heretofore known as the land of joke thieves!

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