Naked Man Interrupts Arkansas News Interview

Good morning! A local Arkansas news broadcast was interrupted by a naked man who appeared to have wandered out of the woods. The Saline County man was eventually arrested, but not before prompting John Manassel — who, along with his partner Eva Halpain, had been in the middle of telling reporters how a fallen tree had destroyed their home — to consider setting his dog on him. The young man emerged from behind a news truck during the interview, appearing quite casual about the whole thing. Fortunately for the internet, KARK 4 News cameras recorded the bizarre encounter in its entirety.

The video below shows the man’s initial “reveal,” but this much longer video from shows that he spent quite a few minutes talking and taking a seat in the middle of road — again, all while completely naked — before being whisked away by the sheriff’s department.

Police say the young man, Nathaniel Koba, had been doing drugs in the woods. He was charged with public intoxication and indecent exposure.

Have a look. The whole thing is, to quote the man being interviewed, completely “plum busted:”

h/t Daily Mail

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