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Nancy Grace Informs Father His Missing Son Was Found in His Basement

A Nancy Grace interview Wednesday night got dramatic when the host told a father his son, who had been reported missing eleven days ago, had been found in alive in his basement.

Charlie Bothuell reacted with stunned silence and then nearly hyperventilated upon hearing the news. Grace promptly lit into him. “Sir, did you check your basement?” she asked.

“I checked my basement, the FBI checked my basement, the Detroit Police checked my basement,” he replied, a fact later confirmed by the police. “God, they brought dogs, everything, everybody has searched. Oh god, my son.”

“I don’t understand why you would have reported him missing,” Grace said.

“He’s been missing for eleven days,” Bothuell protested.

Bothuell’s son was found behind a barricade of boxes that police do not believe he could have constructed himself. Authorities are not sure whether the boy was in the basement the entire time, either.

Grace appeared on Morning Express Thursday to discuss the case, and said the father’s off-camera reaction suggested he was not involved in the boy’s disappearance.

Watch the clip below, via Headline News:

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[Image via screengrab]

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