Nancy Grace Shouts About Ray Rice: He Should Be Cleaning the Streets!

Nancy Grace weighed in on Ray Rice today, saying he deserves the chance to go back to work, but as a street cleaner, not as a pro football player. She was incredibly outraged that Rice not only wasn’t charged with anything (because his wife dropped charged), but that all that happened to him was he went to a diversion center “where you get your pretend diploma… and you’re free.”

Grace was also incensed at the NFL for its handling of the situation. She said the league officials “stuck their head in the sand and their butt in the air,” because Grace found it laughable that TMZ could obtain the video of Rice beating his wife but “all the millionaires in the NFL can’t get it.” And the prosecutor had the video, Grace said, so the NFL could have gotten it there, if not from the casino.

She did say at some point, Rice deserves to get back to work, since most average people in this situation get second chances too.

But, Grace clarified, “When I say go back to work, I don’t mean as a role model in the NFL, I mean, you know, maybe clean the streets. Yeah, he can go make a living. And his wife can go to work too.”

Watch the video below, via CNN:

[image via screengrab]

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