Watch Nancy Grace Freak Out Over Mere Mention Of Casey Anthony’s Lawyers

Nancy Grace was in a particularly spirited Casey Anthony tizzy during her show last night on HLN, after passionately disputing that new “Tot Mom” videos were leaked to the internet as a result of hacking. “Whoa stop, Trisha! You just hurt my ear! That’s what her lawyer said!?” Grace exclaimed. “Her lawyers also said George Anthony molested her and Lee Anthony molested her. Remember that!? They also said the baby died in the swimming pool and that George Anthony, a former cop, went and threw the body in a pet cemetery out in the woods to decompose. Yeah, they said that too. So what do I care what they said? Why are you telling me that?”

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Grace humorously made a pained expression as a legal correspondent stood by as the HLN anchor continued her over-the-top shtick. Eventually, the segment moved on, but not before hitting Anthony again because she failed to file a police report that her computer was allegedly hacked.

Watch the amusingly dramatic Grace explode over the mere mention of Casey Anthony’s lawyer’s below via HLN:

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