Nancy Grace’s Bewildered Reaction To Jodi Arias Hung Jury: ‘The Verdict Is There Is No Verdict!’

Nancy Grace has been following the Jodi Arias trial possibly more closely than any other media figure, and when news broke earlier today that the jury deciding on Arias’ punishment could not reach a consensus and the judge had to declare a mistrial, Grace was absolutely stunned, declaring right off that bat, “The verdict is there is no verdict!” She couldn’t fathom how this huge, life-or-death case ended with a deadlock and mistrial.

Grace expressed both contempt for the lack of a verdict and sympathy for the family of Travis Alexander, who will continue to relive the “horrific and savage” case. Grace declared, “Only one person wins today, and that is Jodi Arias.”

Grace was on the verge of complete outrage as she wondered where they’re going to get a new jury from and how the case is going to be restructured. She repeatedly emphasized just how shocking the decision was. “Mistrial. That’s right. Deadlocked.”

HLN’s Jean Casarez told Grace that between the jurors, the Alexander family, and the judge herself, this was the most emotional day of the trial saga thus far. Grace concluded, “It was pretty stunning all around.”

Watch the video below, courtesy of HLN:


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