Nancy Pelosi Will Stop Blaming President Bush When “Problems Go Away”

This morning on MSNBC, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi spoke to Chuck Todd about the historic oil spill, Carly Fiorina, and of course, blaming the Bush administration. In fact, she blamed the fundamentals of the financial crisis on the 43rd president.

Interestingly, when Todd first began asking, “Why do Democrats keep blamin’ the Bush administration,” Pelosi interrupted and said, “I haven’t even heard that.” Really, Madam Speaker? Todd then asked her when Americans would get tired of hearing the country’s problems blamed on George W. Bush.

“When do you feel like that runs out with the public?” Todd asked.

Pelosi replied:

“Well, it burns out when the problems go away.  And here’s what the president inherited.  He inherited–a deficit, when this president inherited from the Clinton administration four budgets that were either in surplus or in balance.  And he turned it into a massive deficit.”

She added that Bush’s presidency “brought us to the brink of a financial crisis.” Pelosi then turned from saying blaming Bush is relevant (because it’s “how we got here”) to blaming Republicans altogether. Referring to the GOP attitudes toward financial regulation reform, she said, “It continues to happen now.”

“Republicans said no. We didn’t get a single vote from the Republican in the House on the Wall Street reform legislation … so it’s a continuation of those Bush policies in the Congress, but they have their roots, and the problems were caused during, the Bush administration,” she said.

Hearing Pelosi’s remarks make “post-partisanship” under an Obama administration sound more like a ghost of campaigns past than an achievable political reality.

Watch Pelosi’s remarks below:

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