Napolitano Applauds NSA Leaker Reality Winner for Showing ‘Barack Obama Was Untruthful’

Judge Andrew Napolitano is nothing if not an ideological iconoclast.

For the most recent example, watch the clip of the Fox & Friends segment above, where instead of vilifying the leaking of classified documents, he applauded the leaked NSA documents for showing that President Barack Obama was not telling the truth in previous rhetoric about Russian interference in the 2016 general election.

Napolitano made clear that the oddly named NSA leaker Reality Winner will likely spend time in prison for sending classified information to The Intercept, but she deserves some measure of credit for contradicting Obama, saying:

“I have a different view of that leak. I applaud that leak because that leak shows that Barack Obama was untruthful when he stated that the Russians had no effort to interfere with the election. It shows that Vladimir Putin was untruthful, and it shows there was no connection between the Trump campaign and the Russians.”

It’s not clear exactly what Napolitano was referring to, but it could be Obama’s comment that there was no tampering with the voting process, which is different than an EFFORT to tamper as the leaked documents suggest. In October, President Obama directly warned Vladimir Putin to stop interfering or face “serious consequences.”

Watch the clip above courtesy of Fox News.

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