Napolitano: Democrats Want Northam Out So They Can Keep Tarnishing Trump as a Racist


The way Andrew Napolitano sees it, Democrats calling for Ralph Northam‘s resignation are mostly doing so in order to maintain their argument that President Trump is racist.

The Fox News chief judicial analyst joined Fox & Friends on Tuesday to discuss the ongoing firestorm surrounding the Virginia governor and his racially-charged yearbook photo. In terms of whether Democrats have any political or legal leverage to force Northam out of his job, Napolitano laid out his theory that this push from them is a calculated move to claim the racial moral high ground over Trump.

“Why do they want him out? They want to be able to tarnish Donald Trump as a racist. Because of the way the Charlotte, the comments he made after the Charlottesville murder and racial clash took place. They will lose standing to do that if the governor of Virginia still has this.”

Napolitano went on to compare Northam to Lyndon Johnson, saying both of them dealt with racially-charged youths before crafting a different legacy for themselves later in life. As Napolitano continued by invoking Northam’s controversial comments about late-term abortion, Brian Kilmeade claimed Democrats “don’t want to talk about” that, even if they’re pushing for resignation.

Watch above, via Fox News.

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