Napolitano Pans FL’s Race-Based Education Benchmarks: Gov’t ‘Cannot Perpetuate Racial Stereotypes’

On Tuesday, Judge Andrew Napolitano visited Fox & Friends to weigh in on Florida’s race-based education benchmarks for reading and math.

“The general rule of thumb,” said Napolitano, “is that the government can’t use race in its menu of decision-making factors.”

Host Steve Doocy then presented the different goals for students of different races and ethnic groups. By 2018, the goal is that 90 percent of Asian students should be proficient at reading, along with 88 percent of white students, 81 percent of Latino kids [Ed. note: We’re presumably still ignoring the fact that Latinos can be white, black, of Asian descent, or any combination thereof], and 74 percent of black students. For math, the goal is for 92 percent of Asian students to exhibit proficiency, as well as 86 percent of white students, 80 percent of Latinos, and 74 percent of black students.

The problem with this, Doocy noted, is that it perpetuates stereotypes.

“That is exactly what the 144th amendment was ratified in order to prevent the government from doing,” Napolitano explained. “The government must level the playing field and give everyone an opportunity and it cannot perpetuate racial stereotypes.” And one problem with these benchmarks, Napolitano added, is that they can actually dissuade some students from performing to the best of their individual ability because they only have to meet a certain — sometimes relatively low — bar when it comes to education.

Watch, via Fox News:

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