Napolitano Rips McCabe For ‘Soft Corruption’ of Trump Investigation: ‘Effort to Dislodge the President’


Fox News legal analyst Andrew Napolitano went after Former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe on Thursday after the former FBI Deputy Director said Justice Department officials discussed having President Donald Trump removed from office.

In a preview of his interview with 60 Minutes, McCabe said that the Justice Department held conversations in the past on whether Trump’s cabinet would ever consider invoking the 25th Amendment to remove the president. McCabe also expressed fear that the investigation into Russia’s actions from 2016 might be derailed in the event he was suddenly fired.

Napolitano told Fox Business host Stuart Varney that McCabe ordered a “national security probe” into whether Russia had undue influence on Trump — which the analyst called a “very easy investigation to order. He called McCabe’s probe “a form of soft corruption” since he didn’t require evidence to order the investigation from a court.

“It’s a form of soft corruption which allowed them to attempt to undermine the presidency of Donald Trump,” Napolitano said. “Under the guise of: ‘Does very too many friends in Russia? Is he doing what Putin wants him to do?’ They commenced the whole thing, morphed it into a criminal investigation and then gave it to Bob Mueller.”

“The deep state hated Trump, wanted to undermine him, and took the soft route, the easy route to investigate him,” Varney observed. Napolitano called McCabe’s comments an “admission” of “an effort to dislodge the president of the United States.”

Napolitano added that invoking the 25th Amendment would’ve never worked unless Vice President Mike Pence agreed to lead the cabinet in deposing the president.

“The absolute requirement exercise of the Amendment is the Vice President. If the cabinet unanimously said the president is deranged, can’t serve anymore, it means nothing without the vice president going along with it. They know that…I can’t imagine they approached him. His loyalty to the president is legendary.”

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