Napolitano Shuts Down Gretchen Carlson’s Suggestion US Constitution Outdated For ‘War On Terror’

On Fox & Friends this morning, the discussion turned to the recent vote to extend the Patriot Act with Judge Andrew Napolitano serving as the voice of the disappointed since he feels the law goes against the Constitution. After Gretchen Carlson tried to explain to him that the founders didn’t have to deal with scary terrorists like we do, he quickly shut her down. It was a perfect example of what Glenn Beck would call a “spanking.” However, since we still plan on being able to eat our lunches, so we’ll call it a “shutting down.”

Here’s the quote that got him started:

“Well, back in the 17 and 1800s we didn’t have a little thing called ‘The War on Terror’ where you have to get to the bottom of things quickly and, if we wait, people argue, to go through a judge, then sometimes that terrorist can already do the dirty deed.

Without missing a beat, Napolitano responded, “That is not a serious argument to be made.” He then went on to describe the many speedy situations he and other judges have signed warrants including doing so in his “gym shorts.”

Wait, Napolitano in his gym shorts? I’m sorry, folks. After Beck’s spanking comments yesterday, I promised I wouldn’t put anymore images of news broadcasters bottoms in your heads. My bad.

It doesn’t make the clip any less entertaining though. Check it out from Fox News below:


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